Desert World is the 4th world you can pick in Retro Arcade Creator. It's pretty tough and has 10% new enemies.

Enemies Edit

  • Cutty - Basically a Pointy combined with a Karl. The only way to kill it is with the Phase Shot Potion Spells.
  • Gener - Genies. Floats around throwing potions which create Baddies.
  • Splashslash - A fish which literally has a sword on it. Only works in water. If on land, it will die.
  • Coconut Bomber - Enemies which try and bomb you with coconuts.
  • Slurk - Powered up Aliens which spew Sand Blobs that explode into two more sand blobs when killed.
  • Pyra - Powered up Plungerbots which jump super high.
  • Mimic - Disguises as a chest. When opened, it will try and chew you. Being chewed by it is an instant kill.